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Grissim Connery
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Default Homemade clubbells

I've seen the strategies for making homemade clubbellls out of plastic bats and filling them with concrete. last night i was looking at steve maxwell's blog (cause he's got some pics of a kettlebell seminar up that i was at), and he shows how he made his own mace bell. When he did this, he took a shovel handle and stuck it into a kid's basketball filled with wet cement. a $30, nice macebell just like that.
anyways i was considering making clubbells in the same manner. is there a benefit to having the weight more dispersed about the club? i figured since a lot of it is about leverage, there may be more benefit in having the weight centered in a ball of cement at the end. anybody tried this?
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Ken Urakawa
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We've got a few different versions, all filled the same way--drill the end of the handle, start pouring stuff in.

Sand filled T-ball bats ~ 5 lbs. Used a small screw to seal it.

Sand filled plastic kids bats, about 4" diameter ~ 8 lbs. Used a bit of caulking to seal it.

Lead shot filled baseball bats ~ 14 lbs. Used a screw to seal it.

The lead shot was about $20 for a 20# bag (any good gun/reloading supply store should have a variety). They all work reasonably well, the plastic ones flex a little bit, but they've held up well.

Haven't used a Mace per se, but I frequently do clubbell drills with a sledgehammer. Basically the same idea, plus multi-functional. We have 8# and 16# hammers.
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Tom Gentleman
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