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Steve Shafley
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Default Taurine + ZMA

Taurine is, if anything, even cheaper than ZMA. At Beyond-A-Century it's 300 grams for $5.75, and it's completely tasteless.

I find that if I use 6-9 grams of L-taurine with the ZMA that I don't have that window of opportunity with regards to getting to sleep.

If you have this problem, and I know a few of you do, try taking 9 grams of taurine before bed. If that works, titrate it down to the least effective dose. IIRC, 1 teaspoon = ~3 grams of L-taurine.

For some reason the L-taurine itself helps me with sleep. At one point in time I knew why, but I don't anymore, and I'm too lazy to look it up at this time.

Cheap fix for a common problem.
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