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Andrew Ager
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Default IF, 2 weeks in

Hi folks,

Been reading through here as a lurker for a bit, but have spent quite a bit of time over on the Crossfit forums, IFLife, Modern Forager, etc.

Decided to jump into IF a few weeks back with some test days, just cutting out breakfast. With a new baby and a toddler to wrangle each day, it was already tough to get the morning going AND feed myself, so skipping breakfast became such a relief that I found myself just skipping it every workday automatically (unless I wound up *seriously* hungry in the morning ... that's happened twice).

This week is Week 3 of a more determined effort: shoot for 16-19 hour fasts during the work week, eating ~60% Primal. Weekends I wind up with ~12-hour overnight fasts anyway, but I have so far tended to eat more "normally," as in, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

I mainly try to stop eating after 8PM or so, but if I need to ingest more, I don't really sweat it.

I'm also doing Crossfit 4 days per week, working out around 11AM or so -- fasted. This has worked quite well so far.

I've lost about 3-4 pounds, which is good. I mostly feel no ill effects from the fasting (occasional morning headaches, but that tends to happen when I think I've eaten enough the day before, but really haven't ... I think). And, my mornings are WAY easier without having to cook food for myself.

I'd liek to think I'm moving along quite well ... just wanted to check in with the more knowledgable folks to be sure!
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