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Default Cholesterol - how fast does it change?

My uncle (~50 years old) recently became concerned with his elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. On my advice he switched to a Paleo diet (+ dairy... he lives in the Netherlands). Three months later the doctor nearly fell out of his chair when he saw my uncle's new and improved cholesterol numbers.

At that point, to add a little variety, he started eating some processed meat (salami) and munching on fresh coconut. His LDL/HDL ratio and triglycerides went up a little. I suggested dropping the salami and cutting back on the coconuts and Gouda cheese for a while and re-testing.

My question is, how fast do these things change? Would one month later give an indication of whether the new plan is working? Keep in mind I have near 100% compliance here... He's that type of person.


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