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Chet Morjaria
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Tue 18th Nov 1900

Thought I'd hit up todays CF WOD - or at least work on max push jerks.

Push jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

5 @ 20kg
3 @ 30kg
1 @ 40kg
2 @ 45kg

1 @ 50kg
1 @ 52.5kg
1 @ 55kg
F @ 57.5kg
1 @ 57.5kg

2 @ 50kg
2 @ 50kg
2 @ 50kg


Hmmmm. Lots of work to be done here.
Will of course be doing a lot of jerks + jerk drills in all sorts of forms over the forthcoming weeks and months, so should improve in terms of both technique and strength.
Feel like there is more there just now TBH, need to dial in the tech.

On that note - will be working off 50kg as my max push jerk for now, as I couldn't be 100% about form above that.
Stuck the landing on a couple of them and they seemed to be just about legit - but was too dark to video.

Anyway, took it down to 50kg (around my max press weight) and did 3 sets of doubles
Starting to get there with the tech, and getting under that d**m bar.

BH back tomorrow - looking forward to getting stuck in.
Think shoulders might be a little fe**ed though - and its a C+J day tomorrow
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