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Chris H Laing
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Default Get Awesome!!! oly and gymnastic log

Like it says i wanna get awesome...like really awesome. And nothing would be awesomer than to be able to do a full front lever and snatch bodyweight

With some help from people on this forum, i've come up with a program to work on oly lifting and gymnastics movements which are what i'm really interested in.
It goes like this:
mon - snatch tech, snatch strength, gymnastic push, gymnastic pull
tues - snatch and c&j tech, metcon
wed - c&j tech, c&j strength, gymnastic pull
thurs - snatch and c&j tech, metcon
fri - rest
sat - snatch, c&j, back squat (this day is a testing day for the oly lifts, and has back squats in for generic strength work because I didn't want to leave BS out completely)
sun - rest

Ill be doing the Boz OHS warmup, and the Burgener warm up before every workout, and will try to get a stretching or foam rolling session in after every workout.

If anyone has any ideas, i'm all ears

The gymnastic pushes are ring dips and hspu and the gymnastic pulls are weighted pullups, invert ecc. 2 hang, and fl prog. pullups.

I'm in the process of making a lot of home exercise equipment, like a medicine ball, a sandbag, and i have dumbells and i'm getting a kettlebell. I'm also getting a few tires for sled drags, box jumps, blah blah. These kinda things are what most of my metcons are gunna involve.

My diet is mostly paleo, with whole milk in the winter for extra calories, and cuz it tastes so good. i'm not worrying about zone because i did it for a while and it sucks...i like being able to eat whenever i want. I'll also be doing IF a couple times a week.

Now onto the workout of the day...

3 rounds for time:
500 m row
15 deadlifts, 155 lbs

time = 11:15

My butt hurt so much after rowing, and i was always light headed going into the deadlifts. The deadliifts were really light, but i still dont have the metcon capacity i had when following crossfit mainsite back, so i was breathing pretty heavily. Did it with my friend on the crew team at my school, and both rowed the first 500 m in 1:45, which is pretty cool since I haven't rowed in months.

Starting the above workout program on monday...pretty excited.
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