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Dave Ogilbee
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Default Sots Press Problems

Hi guys. Noticed something the other day at the gym that I probably should have noticed before, but didn't, maybe you all could give me some pointers. I decided to do some Sots press work after my initial lifts. I hadn't done them in a long time and figured I was due. I started with the pvc and did a few reps with behind the neck - back squat form, snatch width grip on the bar. When I moved to an empty bar however, I found that I just couldn't get enough strength to lift the bar at the bottom of the squat. I glanced over to the side mirror and checked the alignment of the bar at the bottom; bar over the arches following the "imaginary line" through the body. But in order for me to press the bar, my upper body wanted to lean forward and push the bar out front over the knees, not straight up. I grabbed a 12" box and placed it behind my butt in case I tettered backwards and went back to the pvc to try to get my alignment in order. What seemed to be happening was that my shoulders just did not want to press the weight that deep in the squat. I decided to try sots-pressing at different areas, starting with a fully standing behind the neck press and moving down into a squat position. I finally got to about a 90 degree angle half-squat pressing with an empty bar before my forward lean started to come in to play.

I know having a video of this would help tremendously in trying to explain whats going on, but I don't have a cam at the moment, apologies. Anyone have any ideas on correction? Maybe a strength imbalance somewhere? Try getting more comfortable in the deep squat position? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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