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Jeremy Jones
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Default Supplement Cocktail

What is your cocktail of choice?

I usually run with

First meal:
4 kirkland eneric coated fish oil pills (850mg "concentrated" fish oil, with 440mg Omega-3s)
1 Multi vitamin (just men's health "One a Day" A.T.M.)

Second meal:
4 kirkland eneric coated fish oil pills
1 glucosamine chrono-somethingsomething

Third/fourth meal (one or the other, not both):
4 kirkland eneric coated fish oil pills
1 generic Zn, Mg, Ca pill (listed as 33% daily value for each -don't remember mg amounts right now).

I also administer vitamin G (Guinness) as needed.

I am looking to expand my "suppliment portfolio", so I am curious as to what you people are adding. Currently my diet lacks any grass fed beef, probably doesn't have enough veggies (fruit is easier for me), and includes dairy in small doses (it is more of a 'condiment', except the occational ice cream orgy).
-Jeremy Jones
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