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Greg Davis
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Default Knee injury from BJJ rolling

I know I should get in to see a doctor as soon as I get a chance but thought maybe someone who trains BJJ/grappling might have had a similar injury and could shed some light on a possible diagnosis.

Last Sunday I went to an open mat session and rolled really hard with a few guys. Lots of time spent trying to pass a guys guard from standing. Felt great, no problem. Started walking home and noticed my left knee felt a bit tender/sore. Didn't think much of it but it started to hurt quite a bit that night to the point where I was limping around the house (had company over so I couldn't just sit and ice it). No swelling what so ever but it hurt quite a bit to walk on.

Woke up next morning and it hurt like hell. Could barely bend it and had to stay in that whole day. Still no swelling at all though. Iced it and hoped for the best. It felt a bit better the next day but continues to keep me out of action. Weird thing is I can ride a bike and even swim but walking bending it with weight hurts a lot.

Tender spot is on the inside of the left knee, sore to the touch on a specific spot. It's driving me nuts not knowing what is wrong with it as I'm in the heat of exams and leaving for vacation to Australia in less than 2 weeks!

Any ideas what could be? As far as treatment I'm staying off it as much as possible, icing it at night, wearing a rehband sleeve during the day.. but I'm riding my bike (to get to school) and have gone swimming for a workout a few times (does not hurt doing this) but its not getting much better..
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