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Elliot Royce
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Default Keeping It Simple on Muscle Gain

I've digested (no pun intended) pretty much anything I can find on eating for lean mass gain. It's not that I particularly need to put on weight but I am trying to create the optimal conditions for growth in lower leg strength and mass. My question is: if I eat right and try to take on enough calories to avoid losing weight, will the mass develop? Or, for optimal growth, do I need to make sure I get an excess of 500-1000 calories while lifting?

I'm combining SS's novice program with an O lifting program. I think it's a good combination and I am making some steady gains. There's still a long way to go before I hit the novice benchmarks that Rippetoe has in his Programming book, and I'd like to accelerate the process as much as possible.

I've tried Baggett's No Bull plan and it does seem to work in facilitating muscle gain but it also leads to some fat gain. I'm not crazy about his 10 days eat like a pig, 4 days diet like crazy. It's just hard to follow when you're an adult businessperson (people look at you weird when you've eaten two steaks and devoured the bread basket).
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