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Chris H Laing
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*14 hr fast*

Went to Einsteins during third period today and had some really greasy eggwiches that made me feel weird for the rest of the day...

3 x 100 jumpropes w/ dynamic ankle stretches
Wall HS - 60 sec
Tuck FL - 60 sec...might have counted a lil fast at the end though
DROM - leg swings, hip twists, shoulder circles, more ankle

Snatch Tech:
5 sets of - 5 explosion point to max extension point, slow, pause at max ext point
3 max ext point to pull under, slow

Then messed around with exp point to pull under, but i wasn't getting to max extension before starting the pull under so i stopped.

Snatch Strength:
65 x 3 x 5

I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of OHS. I lost some warmup reps to the front, but once i started consciously pushing my knees as far forward as they could go, i started hitting a really solid bottom position. I guess ankle stretching is working.

C2B Chinups
3 x 5

These were really easy, cept for the last rep of sets 2 and 3, where I had to kip a lil at the top to touch chest to bar. This was just to get a base for when I start adding weight.

Head to ground, HSPU negs
10 sec 3 x 3

Last rep on last set each, were prolly closer to 8 and 9 sec. Gunna work these up til I got all 3 x 3 at 10 sec, then go to 3 x 4.

Good workout today. Good day overall, even with the shatty nutrition for the past couple days, and the erratic sleep.
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