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Ryan Brown
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Sunday, 12/14/08

Rest Day

I'm nearly as lean as I want to be. I feel like my fat loss has curbed a little in the past week. So, I've adjusted my to the following, according zone according to Robb wolf's advice:

18 Protein blocks
12 carb blocks
36 fat blocks

I deleted 6 carb blocks, and replaced each one with 3 fat blocks. So, i'm effectively doing a carb reduced zone, with 2x fat. I've only done it for 2 days and so far, it feels very good. I think that this reduced carb level should really push me through to the leanness I want. And, although I lowered my carbs in an effort to lose body fat, I don't plan on ratcheting them back up unless I need to in order to support my activity level. I will, however, bring my fat blocks up once I finish leaning out.

Steve, I'm keeping an eye on the soreness and I'm not hesitant to take extra rest days. My sleep has been fantastic lately (9.5 hours, 3 consecutive nights). I'm going to take a rest day tomorrow as well, because I've got 2 finals and then I'm driving back to Raleigh.
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