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Rick Deckart
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Default A 'simple' circuit ala Owen Anderson circa 1998

The following is a simple circuit from Owen Anderson, designed by Walt Reynolds I believe. It's from his nice little book LACTATE LIFT-OFF.
I did these usually two times a week for 4--6 weeks usually in the spring to get things rolling. When I did these I increased length of runs every second and reps every week while doing a pendulum wave of two rounds, three rounds, four rounds, back to two rounds etc. ending with 800m runs at 5k pace.

There are several derivates of this circuit around, some even utilising wobble boards but believe me, even this little easy circuit may be quite humbling if you really hit 5 k pace on all runs... and BTW no rest between excercises allowed and perfect form is a must...

(1) Run 400 m at your 5k pace or at an intensity of 9--9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being easy and 10 being maximal intensity.
(2) 4 chin-ups
(3) 30 sit-ups (free Janda situps if you can, use an abmat which makes it easier)
(4) 12 push-ups
(5) 15 burpees
(6) 30 fast BW squats
(7) Run 400 m at your 5k pace
(8) 10 thrusters with 20kg
(9) 8 feet elevated push-ups
(10) 30 hyper extensions
(11) 15 dips
(12) 15 lunges with each leg
(13) Run 400 m at your 5k pace
(14) repeat 2--13 one more time



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