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Default What's your warmup?

I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone was doing for warmup. (If you have a workout log on here, you can just cut and paste.)

Some guiding questions:
Are there exercises or routines you like to do before every workout, or before a specific kind of workout?
How long is your warmup?
What exercises will you do even if you're pressed for time?
What special exercises do you do for injuries or imbalances?
What are your "biggest bang for the buck" warmup exercises?

I'll start:

The "workout" is a few minutes of hand balancing (handstands, QDR) every morning. Actually the warmup takes longer than the actual "workout" since it is also my morning routine. I've been doing this routine for a few weeks.

The issues I have to specially address are naturally closed shoulders, an old lower back injury, and my hand/wrist problems - I have a bone spur (carpal boss) on the back of each hand that somewhat limits ROM in the wrist and between the metacarpals. Especially when it's cold and in the morning, I can't entirely spread my palm flat right away, so it needs special attention.

What I do EVERY morning, even if I don't have time for the handstands after:
- Upward facing/downward facing dog
- Some high rep exercise to pump up the lower back - either 50 good mornings/RDLs with a light weight, or 25 reverse hyperextensions
- Shoulder flexibility routine on Swedish ladders by Ido/Coach Sommer x3 - so far, I'm getting really good results with this.
- Shortened version of Coach Sommer's wrist prep routine. I've found that once my shoulders are good and open the hand/wrist don't feel as stiff. It could also be because gripping and hanging from the ladders warms them up.
- If I have time, some alternating leg pistols and pike stretches on the swedish ladders.

For strength or metcon based workouts, I don't really warm up, just some basic joint mobility. It's sort of a deal I made with myself... Too many sets and exercises in the warmup and I just lose my appetite for the actual workout. Of course if I'm going to DL heavy, I work up from a lighter weight, but that's about it. I've never felt I really needed more.

Comments/questions welcome.

What's YOUR warmup?
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