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Arien Malec
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Originally Posted by Ben Fury View Post
Interesting. Got a reference on that?
Uh, bad phrasing. I meant: fit and fat may not be an oxymoron, if the overweight is in the form of subcutaneous fat.
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Will Moore
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You are so correct....those who are naturally ectomorphic like yourself (me too) can only get so big without being fat. When I went to boot camp (Marines) in 1981, I weighed 142 pounds. Over the course of 15 years and a lot of weight lifting, I worked my way to to 175 pound (5% bodyfat). Since that time, I have been stronger than that and a bit heavier than that on many occasions....but I have never been able to get larger than 175 at 5% bodyfat. I was born to be skinny and my skeleton and genetics will not allow me to gain more muscle beyond that. Its a reality one has to deal with.
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Blair Lowe
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Wil, so all attempts at mass gaining failed or did you attempt without really knowing how. Way back once upon a time, I had an idea to get big but wasn't really putting in the food intake to support the lifting.
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