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Joe Birch
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Default Goals - GPP and fat loss

Bit of background info about my self - I began Xfitting for a short period (~ 1month) and then started does SS because my strength was probably a big limiting factor. Ever since then I've really enjoyed the strength training and have been doing that solely ever since (on and off for the last 3 months, lacked a bit of consistency because of working night shifts and long hours at work. I'm eating 4 meals a day + GOMAD and I gained a bit of fat to start with but fat gain tapered off at about ~13-15% (started at ~7-8% by hydrostatic weighing) and have stayed fairly lean despite taking in about 4000kcal/day. Currently at 176 pounds (170cm tall), Squat 280#, Press 143#, DL 350#.

I'm going travelling in 8 weeks and fancied having a go at a bit of Xfitting before that and lean out a bit just for my own vanity. My goals are too maintain my strength, lean down to about 8% BF - also I did fran twice in my month of xfitting and my best time was 7:10 as Rx'd so another goal would be to smash that time with more strength and go for a 6 min fran by the end of the 8 weeks.

My current level of conditioning is probably the worst it's ever been so not going to go mad on the volume of metcon to start with. I did plan on jus doing the WOD but I love the strength training too much to not plan it my self. Plan to start with is as follows just wondered what you guys thought:

Mon - weightlifting (volume) - 5x5 or 3x10

Tues - kipping practice (not brilliant at PU's so thought i'd dedicate some time to this in view of my fran goals) + heavy metcon (<10min) - probably borrow form cathletics wods

Weds - rest day

Thurs - longer WOD from xfit website (won't go mental on this day to start with because otherwise my DOMS will mess up sat training - will have to test the water to start as I remember my initial DOMS were faily severe when i first began Xfit but they did gradually abate as expected - want to eventually do some pretty hard running WODS on this day including 100, 400 and 800m distances).

Friday - rest day

Sat - weightlifting (intensity) 5x3 or work up to heaviest set of 5 + short metcon (<10 min)

Sun - rest day

Diet - going to cut the milk and eat 4 paleo meals a day, prob throw about 50%of my daily carb intake into my PWO meal.

Thanks for reading (bit of an essay), would love to hear what you think/how it could be improved. Was thinking of using tuesday as the day for practising new skills (eg, kipping) so any thoughts on what might be useful there. Was thinking handstand prac or o-lifting (but im doing a masters in ex phys after travelling where i'll have a coach so may just wait until then).

Thanks, Joe.

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