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Steve Forman
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Default Just a shout out!

Well thanks for all the advice I get here. You guys are awesome! I hope you all have a great new years!

I have not eaten well in two weeks. Normally (about a year ago) I would be stressing. getting on the scale daily. the Scale doesnt mean anything now a days. Which is one of the big lessons I have learned here. In the last two weeks the scale hasn't moved at all, but I feel like crap and have gained at least 1/2 to 1" in the last two weeks. JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT DIET IS EVERYTHING. My workouts had not changed at all. Performance wasnt great, but I was still doing it. This also shoots down that theory of eat what ever you want as long as you work out! HAHAHAHA LOL.

But no worries here, I am back on track with the diet again. the look in mirror has me motivated again. Dam sugars and breads during xmas. I curse you!!!!

Again you all are great, keep up the good work here. I love reading this forum, MF and CA wods.

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