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Gary Ohm
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Good points on the hills. I personally cannot stand running, but my brother in law is a very good marathoner so we have very heated discussions...

Anyway, I still force myself to run as it is actually a pretty decent workout if done "properly" and it actually is pretty darned functional. I only run hills. I live on a 150M hill. So I do sprints with ring pushups or ring dips at the top. I typically do ten "laps". Some days I wear my 60# vest and others I don't just to mix it up. It seems to work for me.
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Mike Prevost
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Default Running

Originally Posted by Dave Maerk View Post
What do you think is the minimum amount of running that one could get by with and still improve? I'm talking about long runs, 3-5km. Most times I see people recommend 3xweek, but could one improve with less, assuming the rest of the week is sports/CF stuff? How about once a week?
Fitness is about progressive overload. If you are not a runner, then the amount of running in the typical CF WOD may provide enough overload to improve your run fitness. Also 3-5K is pretty short really. It should not take very much to get you to the point of running that distance comfortably. I would think that the CF WOD and an additioal run per week would do it. Since you are not a runner, I would be more conservative with your extra run and just run steady pace and gradually work up to 5K. Once you can get 5K comfortably, you can start adding in intervals during the run to improve your time.

If you have access to a track, it is a great place for intervals. I like starting with 1/4 mile intervals then working towards 1/2 and then 1 mile intervals. It helps to teach pacing, which is critical for a fast 5k.

Bottom line, if you goal is just to be able to run 3-5K comfortably, you can do that with MINIMAL run training. If you want to get faster at the 5K, you can achieve some of that with an extra run per week. If you are not overweight, 20-25 minutes is not a stretch on the CF WOD plus one extra run.
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