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Troy Archie
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Default The Year of Strength

Or so I hope. As of right now I want to dedicate this upcoming year, 2009 entirely to strength. I've been after the goal of getting bigger and stronger for the last year and a half now with less than stellar success. I've made progress yes, but not as much as I wanted and know I could have. My attempts in the past have been thwarted by going at it the wrong way, changing goals and changing programs. What success I have had is with SS. I stared a new SS cycle begining of November and have made good progress to this point.

I'm hoping to keep a steady weight and strength gain over the next year, shooting for 14kg over the next 12 months. Is this a reasonable weight-gain over the long term while using SS/PP and linear progress? It seems many on SS goes full-tilt, gain the same amount of weight but over a 12 weeks period, feel fat and heavy and go on a fat loss regime. I would like to avoid this "yo-yo" diet effect or at least minimalize it. No quick fixes.
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