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Michell Kaarne
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Sunday 4 January
Worked on both lifts today as my first competition is coming up in two weeks.
Snatch 50kg (Was sure I would get a new PR but as soon as the weight was bumped up to 50 I put my right knee on the ground on the first two attempts. Made the third one but then they wouldn’t let me add more weight.)
C&J 70kg (Easy but I pressed the weight out in the jerk so no new PR.)

Front Squat 50x5 60x5 70kg x 3 x 5 (should have gone for 70 x 5 x 5)
Bent over row 40kg x 8 x 3
Good morning 40kg x 6 x 3
Weighted dips 6kg x 6, 10kg x 6 x 2
Hanging leg raise 3x3 (left, both, right)
Behind the neck press 20kg x 10 x 3
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