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Jonathan Dunn
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Congratulations on your progress! That is awesome. Yes, the lifts are Squat, BP and DL.... and in that order i think. I will do a search on that SQ program you are referring to later tonight. As i know very little about PL (or OL, for that matter), i want to use this time to seriously focus on a goal and test myself against people that know what they are doing. It can only help. And there is an overwhelming number of programs out there for
PL, so much that I stopped looking. Thanks for the heads up on the SQ program. I really need to get my SQ # up and to get them going quickly.
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Patrick Yeung
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Im sure youll like it.

At most, it has you squating 3 times a week on the last cycle, but youll be used to it by then. But itll be hard to work on DL during it.

I only dropped the bar once during it too. The volume increases it gives ya are spot on, seems like im giving it all each time but im not dead the next day. I found it on StrongLifts.com, just search it and itll come up. Hes also got some articles on High bar/low bar on squat and variations on the Deadlift.
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