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Emily Mattes
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Default Strongman training for the military

An interesting proposal was brought up on another forum I frequent yesterday: Strongman training as a form of GPP PT for military types. It's been my assumption that Crossfit (like just main page WODs) would be the best sort of training for someone in that field, but this poster--a Marine who'd done Crossfit--argued that Strongman training, mixed with some endurance and sprinting work, would better fit the GPP needs of someone in the military as it would better provide for the strength needed for extra equipment and armor and stuff that a soldier would have to carry in combat situations, you'd be doing a lot of work with heavy odd objects, and you'd still be working on speed and stuff.

This seemed like a pretty interesting proposal to me, but I don't know a lot of about Strongman training. I figured it's like a lot of heavy lifting, with some short heavy conditioning sessions, and odd object work, but I'm not sure. I know there are people here who do it so I wanted to see what you guys think about this.
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