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Joe Birch
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Default My hybrid(ish) training

Goals are too maintain current levels of strength and lean out to about 6-8% BF (currently ~12%) - will do fran (scaled) in my first week and will set goals for this as well after i know where i stand!

Plan: mon-weights (volume) / tues-skills prac (olifts/gym/kipping) + short metcon / weds-rest / thurs-longer metcon / fri-rest / sat-weights (intensity) + heavy metcon (<10min) / sun-rest.

Will take it easy too start with on the conditioning side because i've not done any in months so DOMs will be fairly severe!

Today (monday 12th Jan):

Squats (ATG) - 97.5kg x 10 x 3 (reps x sets)

Press - 47.5kg x 10 / 47.5 x 8 / 47.5 x 8 (tending to rock back onto my heels too much when the weight is over head and losing balance so need to try and work on this next time).

Chins - 10kg x 5 x 3 (my pull ups are not great at the moment, not done any in a while so wil hopefully see some decent linear progression here *touch wood*).

Food: brekkie-apple, cashews and pro shake / lunch-3 sausages + 3 eggs / dinner (PWO)-small portion pasta w/ 250g red mince meat in chopped tomato sauce / before bed-200g mince meat in chopped tomato's.

Still fairly high calorie but significantly reduced my carb intake compared to what i was eating on SS (ton of pasta, GOMAD and other sweetie goodies) but I was still fairly lean on that diet so will stick with this while I can then reduce my kcal intake and possibly do some carb cycling if i get stuck.

Any comments/thoughts more than welcome!
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