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Ari Kestler
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Default Ari's OLY/Crossfit/Whatever Log

Starting up the CA WOD after going to the OLY seminar in DC this weekend (which was awesome). My goals are non-specific, I'd like to get stronger and improve my OLY lifts, but ultimately I see myself doing CF long term just because it never gets boring (whereas SS style routines have in the past). I could see myself doing strength work/technique work intermittently (perhaps during the winter months) but all of this is mostly geared towards improving my CF ability. So for now it's mostly going to consist of the CA WOD and some basic gymnastics in my warm ups. Once I work up to a reputable C&J and Snatch I'll probably return to CF for a bit. Ideally I'd like to be able to C&J 1.5xBW and Snatch 1xBW...not sure how long this will take or if I'll continue after...will depend on how much I enjoy the CA WODs...so here goes:

I decided to start about a month behind and with the strength cycle.

* Back squat - 185# x 3 x 5
* Snatch deadlift - 185# x 3 x 3
* Push press - 135# x 5 x 5
* Pull-ups - 5x5xBW
* Weighted sit-ups - 3 x 10 x 30#

Started out with 185 on the high bar BS as I've never done heavy high bar BS... just sort of testing this out for now...don't really know if this is 83% or not. It was difficult but not especially so. I'm waiting to see how my legs feel tomorrow.

Snatch DL is WAY higher than my actual DL, but if snatching somewhere around 185 is my long term goal I figured I'd just start practicing the first pull now. This wasn't too bad but did feel a little awkward compared to SS style DL.

Push press felt good.

Pull ups, I couldn't do them in sets of 6,8,10 so I broke it down into 5x5....

Weighted sit ups - will likely go up next time.
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