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Brian Lawyer
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Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
Personally, I think your hips were rising too fast before, but I'm not going to argue with a qualified coach. He knows both training and your training history a whole lot better than I do.
In general, I think my O'lift coach thinks I overthink my lifts, you know read too many books and stuff. Unfortunately, I think this thread probably proves his point...ha

I tend to agree with you about the hips. So I'll secretly try to fix that a little...hopefully my coach doesn't read this thread..haha.

My coach seems to be somewhat pre-occupied with my shins getting vertical. He's usually giving the the cue to Jump/shrug at about the point that Coach Everett would define as the "hang" position, that is just barely above my knees. Again, he is not looking at bar position though, he's watching my shins and knee angle.

I believe that if I fix the hips shooting issue and my shoulders/chest rise more consistently with my hips that would put the bar at approximately the "mid-hang" position, as defined by Coach Everett, for the jump/shrug. Correct me if I am wrong , but the mid-hang position would be more appropriate for the jump/shrug cue.

Last time I worked out with my coach I did ask this very question. But he said don't worry about bar placement, as in hang vs mid-hang, just jump shrug when shins are vertical....
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