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Donald Lee
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Default Shoulder Pain from Planche Training

I've been doing the Advanced Frog Stand (straight arm), and I feel pain when I let go. During the Adv. Frog Stand, I don't feel any pain, but once I let go of the tension, an intense pain bursts through my shoulders. It feels like an impingement. I do dips without any pain, so impingement hasn't been a problem for me in the past.

The pain hasn't been so great that it was hindering me, but I've recently begun doing Bulgarian Dips, which makes my front deltoids tender. I did Bulgarian Dips yesterday, and today, the pain in my shoulders while doing Adv. Frog Stand was like x10 of the usual. It got a bit better later in the workout though.

Does anybody have similar experiences while training for the planche?
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