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Vikram Swamy
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Default Zone protein prescription question

I have a question about the Zone protein prescription and I've been unable to find a definite answer. I currently am doing Starting Strength to get my baseline strength level up. After I am done, I plan to return to Crossfit WODs and will measure my body fat, use the .7 activity level, etc. to get the protein prescription for my lean body mass.

My question is, the Zone diet is always referred to as a "maintenance diet". Does the Zone block prescription provide enough calories, protein, etc. for further strength and mass gains? Actually, I'm not so concerned with mass - I just want to continue to get as strong as possible. But it seems that the Zone block prescription is more for maintaining your current state, and I was wondering if it is suitable for people who are looking to continue to get stronger?

Does the 2x-5x fat provide the excess calories needed for further strength gains, etc.? I'm not that lean, and as per my understanding, the increased fat should wait until desired leanness is reached.

But then, if lean body mass does increase, does the Zone protein prescription need to be re-calibrated periodically (perhaps every few months) to take into account the increase in protein needed to sustain that increased lean muscle mass?
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