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Dave Van Skike
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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
I'm trying to eat 4500 calories per day and I am just sick of food. I can't get it down. Two mass gainer shakes at 500 cal apiece only accounts for 1000 cal. I ate a Subway 12" chicken ranch bacon sandwich for lunch to try to get the calories and ended up burping through my workout.

I can only eat so many nuts per day. Help!

coconut milk. plugra butter. hazlenuts are the bomb.
prime rib, landjäger,

liquid fishoil, I take mine in a shot glass. One shot is around 450 kcal.

FWIW. it's hard to gain and eat clean. read this primer on gaining from a man who knows how.


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Nick Cummings
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Thanks for the info Greg.

I manage pretty decently on the days I am not preoccupied with school. I have a shot glass that is 8 tablespoons and usually full of olive oil. On my good days I hit 4800-5000kcals, on my bad days I'm at 3600-3800kcals. As long as I have a good to bad ratio of about 2/1 I seem to do ok. Hmm off to eat.
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Elliot Royce
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I'll give it a try guys but I barely stomach a tablespoon of fish oil, much less an entire shot glass (yuck!). I guess I have to man up if I want to bulk up!
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Allen Yeh
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Most days I take a shake with much along the lines what Dave suggested:

1 can light coconut milk from Trader joes
2 scoops whey protein
2-4 tablespoons of milled flax
1-2 tablespoons of greens powder
1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
Sometimes I'll add peanut/almont butter depending

However I'm not currently trying to gain weight I'm taking the shakes while doing IF to get all the calories I need for the day in my limited time frame.
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Daniel Miller
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thanks, i'll try out that recipe between lunch and dinner + almond butter

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Mike ODonnell
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If you can't eat 6000cal/day then the only other way is to ramp down on your activities. A hard workout 2-3x a week with no metabolic work and lots of eating will put on mass....but if you are doing metabolic everyday....you will be lucky to break even on your energy demands. Hence for mass gain it is best to cycle off all metabolic work....get your mass....and then it is easier to get back your endurance. Periodization works better than trying to do everything at once.
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On my workout days I'm around 3100 cal and have slightly more carbs.

2 Egg, white only, raw 33 0 1 7
3 Egg, whole, raw 224 15 2 19
.75 CUP Oatmeal 70 1 14 3
2 Tlbsn Olive oil 239 27 0 0
3 scps Protein diet powder 225 4 5 40
1/2 cup Berries, raw, NFS 22 0 5 0
2 Tblsn Fish oil, cod liver 270 30 0 0
10 oz. Chicken, breast, 458 10 0 86
4 cups Broccoli, raw 99 1 18 10
1 Apple, raw 125 1 32 0
1 Sweetpotatoes 110 0 25 2
.5 cup Walnuts 392 39 8 9
.5 cup Almonds 407 36 14 15
2 Tblsn Fish oil 50 5 0 1
Totals 2724 169 124 193

Totals 2724 169 124 193
"The Iron is the best antidepressant I have ever found. There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength. Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it's impossible to turn back."
-Henry Rollins
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