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Chris Lampe
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Default Integerating metcon into workout or do after?

I'm a long-time reader of both this and the Crossfit forum and I know the emphasis of each board is reaching the highest level of performance possible. I'm not looking for peak performance but rather a sustainable program for general fitness and well-being. I've posted here because I know there is a lot of expertise, I'm familiar with the board and I know I'll get responses other than doing the WOD and eating Zone, neither of which I'm interested in doing at this stage.

I'm a 40 year-old male and I weigh about 365 lbs. I've decided to focus on body-weight exercises, work with a 16 kg kettlebell and an Airdyne. I plan to strength train + Airdyne 3 days per week and simply do the Airdyne for distance 2-3 days per week.

On my strength days would there be any appreciable difference between doing the Airdyne at the end of the training session as opposed to splitting it up during the course of the session?

Here are the two options I'm considering:

Option 1:

ride 1-2 miles
bodyweight exercises
ride 1-2 miles
kettlebell lifts
ride 1-2 miles
cool down

Option 2:

bodyweight exercises
kettlebell lifts
ride 3-6 miles

I think it's important to add that when I ride I tend to stay near the anaerobic threshold so even though I'm not doing intervals, I'm not just casually riding either. I also plan to do air squats before each ride because I really believe in them and I might add one more sequence of bodyweight exercises + 1-2 miles before the cool-down in option 1.

My primary goal with this program is to shed bulk. I also hope to increase muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance and wouldn't mind toning up a bit. If I can reach an acceptable size and weight then I'll look at barbell exercises but right now they just cause me to eat more and get bigger.

Is their any reason why option 1 would be preferable to option 2? I'm leaning toward #1 simply because 1-2 miles x 3 to me is psychologically much easier than 3-6 miles all at once.
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