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markus willard
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Default Lean Mean IF Fighting Machine

Iím new to IF, I just started today! I follow the WOD CrossFit site, and CrossFit Endurance when I can. Iím 26, 5′11 and about 175, lowest Iíve been since high school, and probably the most cut but Hereís the thing! Performance is everything to me, and I usually workout in the mornings, Metcon or WOD, and CF endurance laterÖI probably over train, Iíd like to eventually compete for the CF games. Not sure how to approach IF in terms of a performance standpoint. I could probably get in my Olympic lifts later in the day My CF totals are around 825 (135 SP, 330 BS, and 360 DL), whatís your opinion on how I should go about it. My nutrition is Paleo/Zone, Iím trying to get in at least 16 blocks, usually only use 10 blocks tops of Carbs, and add 3 blocks of Fat for every block of carb subtracted. I tested my caloric intake at fitday.com, I was only at around 1700 calories during IT, lol, but I made up for it with a freaking binge these last few days, and will especially today with SUPER BOWL (Go STEELERS!) I want to lean out to around 7% BF, probably 11 or 12% now, and then build muscle, all while maintaining and improving performance. Whereís the line drawn between performance and leaning out? Iím a CrossFit/NASM trainer and studying Holistic Nutrition so Iím always testing out new methodologies on myself. Okay, enough chit-chat, basically I want to be absolutely shredded, yet I want to kick ass on performance and build as much muscle as possible, all while keeping up my speed/agility/ and endurance. Does Supplementation: ie. glutamine, BCAAís, fish oil, and possibly creatine come into play? And specifically, am If Iím usually following a 3/1 off WOD, with a couple days of Olympic lifting, and a couple days of CF endurance in? Sometimes throw in some yoga and TRX training (suspension training) mostly for my clients. I know this is a lot! hope you can help! THE IM fasting is killer, but I want to make sure I can still perform if Iím going to compete in the CF GAMES eventually!...not sure about IF, and training in the mornings, usually do my CF workout at 7 am, advise on how to train implementing IF, Olympic lifts, and CrossFit and CF endurance for the CF games without overtraining...I know this is a lot! any help would be AWESOME! Thanks CF broskiskiS
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