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Derek Weaver
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I agree with Josh.

Working out hard in a big group is a totally different experience. Even more different than if you were in a CF class.

Attack the WODs as much as you can without jeopardizing the lecture portion. I wasn't in great shape as I was coming off a torn up ankle when I went to my Level 1 cert, but I got after it anyway and feel like I got more out of it.

You'll learn what intensity really is.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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Chris Wood
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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Leo's advice is excellent. No need to be "that guy." That includes not shaving your head or getting new tribal tats right before your cert.

Keep this perspective, my good man. Don't let them change you.
Don't worry about the tats; as a Hoosier, I try to maintain a teeth to tattoo ratio of > 1. Since I'm bald... I'll have to keep my melon smooth.

Thanks to all who replied! Your insights are very helpful.
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