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Rachel Izzo
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Default terrible sore throat

I cross-posted this on the CF Forum but wanted peoples' advice here, too.

I'm into a heavy-duty squatting regimen the next few weeks and unfortunately came down with a TERRIBLE sore throat today. And I mean like knives scratching the back of my mouth; it's excruciating. I ate normally up until before dinner when I really couldn't handle course foods anymore, so I gorged myself on frozen fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, and almonds, and just had an orange to get some Vitamin C in there.

My question is: what do you recommend for such a nasty sore throat? That's all I have, nothing else. Should I train through it? Take a day to recover? Eat differently? Not worry about it as much? (I'm paleo + dairy)

I trained through it today ... BAD idea I think. Sleep's kind of out of the question right now, just because it's so excruciating that I can't sleep.

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