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Old 02-01-2009, 10:13 AM   #11
George Mounce
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Mississippi
Posts: 945

Brandon, have you tried AIS? I recently found my old book that has the routine from www.stretchingusa.com and it has worked wonders.
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Old 02-01-2009, 02:21 PM   #12
Brandon Oto
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 299

New to me. Say more?
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Old 02-05-2009, 08:04 PM   #13
Brandon Oto
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 299


"Solid meal day" (more like a reasonable cheat). Ate couple burgers w/buns and mustard and three or four sausages at Superbowl BBQ (quite good). One beer. Shake for breakfast and one later.



Rest. Not sure if Hot Rox are starting to make me insane. (Edgy, antsy, possibly contributing to facial twitch.)


Coming to terms with the fact that my lifts are not/should not probably be increasing during V-Diet. Will focus on maintaining instead, hammer down form (esp. with these newer lifts like rows, high-bar squats, etc.).


Tabata calf raises squeezed into end of workout; no timer, about 4 rounds, no shoes.


BS (high bar)
95 solid. feeling knees a bit but not bad. they're staying out. per oliver, tightening midline/abs more, belly button in. leaning back helps a bit.
135 damn... left knee realllly wants to dive just a bit.
155 huh. getting loosey. almost no knee dive though.
175 feels heavy, and slightly loose. but, feeling basically real solid.
195x5 9.8 not too bad. some knee dive in a couple of the reps. significant hip shoot on 5th. this is probably a good weight to stay with.
195x5 9.89 some knee dive, significant butt shooting, still not TOO loose.
195x5 9.93 loose. usual stuff. but, no pain anywhere. inner quads (adductors) look big! guess that's good.

these have been pretty slow and lazy, lounging around between sets
95x5 right anterior pec/delt (point of shoulder) feeling tweaked. hmm.
95x5 last rep semihard.
95x5 slower, but fine.
All with fat bar; got forced into it (damned West people were doing Linda here), then just stuck with it, why not. All felt really solid (guess it's not heavy). pretty much just screwing around, trying to keep up variety with the press and just get something done.

Bent row
145x5 heavy... no real hip movement though, so a much stricter movement
185x5 9.3 hard to get it all the way.
185x5 9.9 quite a bit more kip
165x5 9.8 hard pulling (feeling arms)
Still with fat bar. Only now am I realizing that you pull these to your stomach not chest, that makes more sense... 185 very hard, initial 9.3 seems wrong. Feeling the deadlift muscles, some lumbar tightness (no pain).


Usual business. Foam rolled a little at home (not too tight!).


Rest. Didn't stretch or roll, ITBs do feel tight. Up to 2x2 Hot Rox at this point.


Looks like some abs are alllmost starting to peek out. Still some love handles and chest looks little. Ah well. Nobody's as big as they think. Nice waist-to-hip flare though.

Only 1 Hot Rox dose (scheduling, but also just cause).

Finally looked through some of the stuff in Greg's Oly book, as well as my own cue notes (which I never remember to do) made note of a bunch of stuff, will try to Do Things Right and hammer out clean and jerk form. Clean needs polishing and jerk, well, fuck that jerk.

Main points: flare toes slightly in start; flare knees a bit more; slightly wider grip; bar starts over base of toes; look forward but not up; hold visual reference point; rotate elbows out; elbows HIGH AND OUTSIDE; reset grip. Jerk: try wider stance with toes more flared, feeling it more like a squat; chest UP; proper rack (shoulders under but elbows not fully up); slide head back; dip less; weight on heels. (Tried a bunch of things with jerk throughout sets and kept fiddling due to feel and video feedback.)

Pretty good. Resisted urge to go too heavy and raised weight slower, getting mucho vids and trying to correct as I went. Tired (diet) but not egregiously slow; went slow.


warmup/drill with stick then bar.
95x3. trying to be perfect with each (more like singles actually). vid. for third rep. good!
115x1 clean a bit forward
115x1 vid. better.
145x1 felt a bit of the slide on the dip.
145x1 vid. hit the throat with bar (on the UP, oddly). slight slide on dip. but pretty solid.
155x1 pretty good!
155x1 f. with vid. very weird; all went okay, but jerked it a bit forward, had some sort of LATERAL wobble, didn't want to chase it off the platform, just dumped it. okaaaay.
155x1 fine. decent clean, dip was ehh, weight was a tad forward on jerk.
165x1 I notice that focusing on the high/outside elbows (to keep weight from catching forward) seems to deemphasize the jump; it's not going very high at all and the jump's pretty weak on videos. jerk felt a bit odd; dipped fairly shallow (good) and didn't seem to push it very high, but got under it with quick feet. thinking about weight back (actually flexing toes up on some)
165x1 vid. no real high/outside elbows. jerk odd again; feels like front leg barely moving into lunge.
165x1 bad clean... but jerk felt quite good. felt like a shallow-dip jerk with toes up, so got under more with catch than drive (theme of last three, but this somehow felt more appropriate).

Pretty much done, need to get to class. Threw in some finishers:

165lb deadliftsx6.

165x1 C&J just to get it up. although frankly it FELT like a good jerk, solid catch, despite a deep dip due to not worrying about it (wish I'd videoed). anyway, held overhead for time, about ~20s. ouch mein shoulders.

25 pushups.

Body feeling good although feeling knees just a tad after that last rep.


None, had to boogey to class. Stretched a little in lecture. Feeling good.
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Old 02-05-2009, 08:16 PM   #14
George Mounce
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Mississippi
Posts: 945

Active Isolated Stretching.

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Old 02-06-2009, 01:02 AM   #15
Brandon Oto
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 299

Something you've done, George?

Here's the vids: http://degreesofclarity.com/misc/cro...orm_2-5-09.mov all but one or two reps. First and last (lightest and heaviest) are frankly probably the best; you can see some inconsistency in the others.


-- Gaze is better but I guess I'm still tossing the head back at the end of the first pull. Also: never really thought about it, but why am I throwing my head back on the jerk? Keeping it level may really help.

-- Jerk still problematic. You can see me actually falling backward slightly on a number of reps as I try to keep my weight on my heels in dip-drive; clearly this is not quite the way to go (and useless anyway as I end up on the toes as I drive regardless). Still, things look better than before.

-- Next time will try to focus on jamming my head/chest forward under the jerk. Maybe it's really more that than the drive.

-- First pull looks super sexy with the new tweaks. Thanks Greg.

-- Second pull looks pretty good although weaker and in a few cases inconsistent, presumably due to the attention I'm paying to my elbows

-- Third pull is a bit odd in some places, catching weight just slightly forward or otherwise inconsistent, but not too bad.
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Old 02-06-2009, 03:18 AM   #16
Allen Yeh
Senior Member
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Charleston, SC
Posts: 4,245

Originally Posted by Brandon Oto View Post
Not sure if Hot Rox are starting to make me insane. (Edgy, antsy, possibly contributing to facial twitch.)
Hot-Rox messed around with my moods in a big way.
"And for crying out loud. Don't go into the pain cave. I can't stress this enough. Your Totem Animal won't be in there to help you. You'll be on your own. The Pain Cave is for cowards.
Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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Old 02-06-2009, 04:56 AM   #17
George Mounce
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Mississippi
Posts: 945

I do AIS everyday now, I had forgotten about it until it was brought up in another thread. I was amazed at how much my flexibility improved again in so short a time. ATG squats? No warm-up needed. Pistol? Ha! Became effortless. I know you are into tweaking and such, may want to check it out as I have found it to be the best way to improve flexibility so far.
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Old 02-15-2009, 07:55 PM   #18
Brandon Oto
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 299


More Oly stuff with emphasis on technique. Oliver came and filmed. Went heavy this time to see what happened at heavier weight.


95x5 not bad
115x3 vids. trying to use wider, shorter lunge (bend knee more rather than send leg farther back). good!
135x3 good!
155x2 vid second. jerks felt weird.
165x1 starting to slide on jerks.
175x1 bad
175x1 good
185x1 ? didn't notate
195x1 epic. bad clean, stumbled forward on jerk, started to lose it SIDEWAYS, ran out of platform and dumped it, blew up my chalk bucket. One for the ages. http://degreesofclarity.com/misc/cro...and_whoops.mov
195x1 tried again. simply bad/low jerk. vid.
Conclusions: the jerk is ingrained in me at heavy weights. Stay lighter and drill the shit out of it until I can learn to push up weight without getting on my toes.


BS (lowbar)
225x5 9.7
225x5 9.69
225x5 9.87 tougher but fine.
Just wanted to throw in a squat, didn't really feel right going too heavy. Could've done more though. "Big chest" helps keep my thoracic up, should try to keep that proper.


Quick through the basics.


Feeling BS sore (lower back, adductors, glutes some), lower traps some.


Slipped into gymnastics practice in last half hour after coming back from work, said hi and screwed around on the apparatus. Bunch of pbar stuff, some pommel, a little high bar and rings and other stuff. Good enough in my current state. Ring swings actually looked decent.



Tabata calf raises squeezed in at end, 3 rounds, no time, no shoes, active rest at about level position.


BS (high bar)
bar -- big chest, look forward, get it right
95 feels GOOD
135 good
155 solid. not as easy but no pain at all.
185x5 harder but still no pain.
195x5 9.5 plenty doable.
195x5 9.75 more butt rise. still zero pain.
195x5 9.8 challenging, some butt rise, no pain.
Finally nailing these. Feels good. Got a free iPod from a marketing scheme and am using music again, which actually seems to help tune out the bullshit. Almost died watching someone learn to clean though.

10x5 DB squeezed between thighs
35x5 9.8 DB held in knees
35x5 9.84 f5. palms in this time. juuuust barely short on the 5th.
35x5 9.88 f5. very barely made 4th, 5th was just a negative. back to palms out.
Just wanted to play with these, liked 'em, should do more dips. All on static bars with slight outward angle, torso held as vertical as possible, pretty deep (close to armpits), deadhang.

Just wanted some ab and flexor stuff. Elbows supported in dip rack and back against pad, butt is pivot point, legs straight, WL shoes still on, no toe point. As explosive and high as possible. Followed by tucked L-sit to soft failure, ~15 seconds or so.


Quick, just the very basics.


Rest. Partied in evening, so cheat, though tried to minimize; ended up just doing three large shots of 151 at beginning of night and a couple of other shots at other points. Pretty efficient. Had a leetle bit of chocolate cake at one point as well.


Headed over to the open gym at Greg E's new place in Sunnyvale. Super nice, good folks, new gear, lots of fun. Will try to go again.


Rowed a couple minutes to warmup.
Mobility and light drill with PVC.
Post-workout played around on bar and rings for a moment with a few muscleups and such.


65x5 finding form.
95x2 not really feeling it.
115x1 not sticking at this weight, plate situation is weird
135x1 bit unstable at bottom. need to get elbows out in pull. vid. http://degreesofclarity.com/misc/cro...rm_2-14-09.mov
140x1 okay... seems to be a pretty low pull.
145x1 f caught at bottom, paused, plates were sliding out so dropped intentionally. let's use clips. call it a good lift.
150x1 okay
155x1 okay. vid.
160x1 f low
160x1 f juuuust a bit forward. almost had it. hey get a little more air donkey boy. vid http://degreesofclarity.com/misc/cro...60_2-14-09.mov
160x1 f low. didn't really even try for it. clearly fatiguing. guess I'm done.
First time trying snatch with new technique stuff. Significant breaking-in period but seemed to generally work out. Not my finest moments though.

95 actually hit chest with bar and stopped. uhh. feel very weird after the snatches.
95x2 bar's almost too light. jerk loose.
135x1 f lost the CLEAN. I should've warmed up this more, it's all screwy transitioning in after the snatch.
135x1 bad, stumbled in jerk.
135x1 okay
155x1 better
165x1 threw back head on the jerk
175x1 ehh. big ol' knee slide.
switched to just cleans here, will work on jerks another time
185x1 weight's forward; ugly.
195x1 forward on the squat
185x1 vid. felt bad but looked a bit better. forward and bleh though. get those elbows out in pull and up in rack. vid http://degreesofclarity.com/misc/cro...85_2-14-09.mov

Seriously crummy stuff today.

For a bit of jerk practice.
135x1 PC and 2 jerks.
135x1 same. Ugly stuff.

Just for a bit of cooldown and for fun. Clearly I can't lift for shit today with two hands anyway. Plus I wanted to see these on vid.

snatch R 65
snatch L 65
C&J R 65
C&J L 65
snatch R 95
snatch L 95
snatch R 95 for vid
C&J R 95 for vid


Light, just quads and loosened a little.
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Old 02-15-2009, 07:58 PM   #19
Brandon Oto
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 299

George, is there some free material available on AIS, or do I have to buy the DVD?
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Old 02-19-2009, 02:05 AM   #20
Brandon Oto
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 299


Hams somewhat sore (dead center), traps, glutes a tad.

The following happens when I have more than four Hot Rox a day: headache (dull and mainly around the periphery of anterior/lateral to temples), gum-ache, and antsiness.


Rest. Did about four rounds of Tabata calf raises in evening, fairly leisurely, no shoes, passive rest. 2 Hot Rox (at once) only.

Basically broke down in evening per diet (after three shakes total today). Went to Italian place down the street and had a fantastic meal. A few pieces of bread, caprese (buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parma ham, basil), seafood gnocchi (crustaceans, brandy tomato sauce), tiramisu. Just what I needed. Dunno what was up.

Tried a few TKEs with a band (the bike innertube) around the table leg. Man, ye old caps are tracking out like heck.


Just two Hot Rox (one dose).

Weighed at gym in underwear only, about 178. I guess probably includes glycogen after yesterday's meal.

Ran out of Metabolic Drive and using other protein until reinforcements arrive (probably tomorrow). Not tasty.


Tabata calf raises post. No shoes, passive rest, 4 rounds, timed.
30 30 30 24
Actually sort of impressive progress on these although I may have been using a slightly shorter ROM than usual. Also tried to hit some different angles in different reps (outside, inside, etc.)


BS (high bar)
loosened up, bar. feels fine.
135 feeling left knee a bit
155 good. feeling knees. decided to go deep on these (ass to ground pretty much) just for kicks.
175x4 deep. knees.
195x5 9.78 deep. knees. challenging. some butt rise.
195x5 9.84 buttrise. knees. still in control though.
195x5 9.86 rack hurting traps.
Not the best of days.

Saw a CFer pulling and decided to jump in. He was already up a bit in weight so I just joined him, not the smartest thing.
215x5 damn, why'd he put on the octagonal 45s, thing won't roll...
235x3 fine... feeling twingey in the adductors some. shoulda warmed up the motion more.
295x2 pretty heavy
295x3 9.8 decided to just work at this weight. was thinking 5 but body actually said stop (mostly lower back but also grip -- dang sweaty and actually needed chalk but oh well).
So... deads right after back squats... challenging. Lumbar's quite tight.

Weighted dips
35x5 9.88 all doable
Probably could've gone a little heavier across. All on bars with palms slightly in, DB squeezed between thighs, torso vertical as possible.


Hung from bar and moved through various L orientations -- straight L, alternating one-leg, straddle, tucked, back to hang, that sort of thing until soft failure. Three rounds.


Nothing on the knees but otherwise normal. Dislocates, quads.


Full Hot Rox and diet.

Lats, traps, triceps sore from dips, hips (mainly glutes) a little from squats/deads, groin a bit, and tragically, knees. Calves somewhat sore from Tabatas.

Went to gymnastics on a whim. Was thinking of just fooling around but ended up going fairly heavy. Found the Total Gym with ring grips there and did some cross pullouts and butterflies, propped up on bench, and also with 60lb DB in knees. Not bad; thinking of doing cross training again. Saw an article an T-Nation from Sommers on using DBs (hang from bar), could be interesting. Played with some front levers on there too and some other stuff.

Also a bit of ring work (some swings, general fooling around, tuck front levers, couple muscleups, archer pullups, etc.), some pbar swings and stuff, some fooling around on a highbar, hung for time with straps straps from a bar until bored, some dragon flags and reverse hypers off a pig, bit of inlocate technique work, bit of handstand practice, some L-sits and hangs (some with 10lb on feet), played like I was going to muscle-up with 60lb (after everything else, that was lol), that sort of crap.

Definitely noticing an upper body work when got home, suffered through a cold shower to try to take the edge off. Very hungry again.
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