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Jordan Glasser
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Default Question Re Post-eating crash and insulin

I'm curious about the following. I've read, and believe that if you are sleepy following a meal, then you've consumed too many carbs.
Feeling sleepy after eating for me is quite common. Even if the meal is a low carb meal. My question is, are there other explanations for this?

Which also leads me to another question. Is it possible to get an insulin response from eating moderate amounts of nuts or avocados?

I know it depends on many factors. Specifically, insulin sensitivity. But, I'd really love to know if I am eating 2 avocados, and 4 hard boiled eggs, and I feel sleeping 20 minutes after I'm done. Am I just tired, or is something more going on here.

Same scenario after eating 100 grams of almonds.

What kind of time frame are we looking at for feeling a post insulin crash following a meal?
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