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Patrick Donnelly
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Default Yes! The greatest idea I've ever had!!!

I'm sick and tired of getting spam messages from people trying to scam me through Craig's List, with messages such as the following:
How are u doing today? i come across your advert on craigslist as TUTOR, on this particular subject, will you get get back to me, how much will cost me for 2hours? and how can i reach you.... and your years of experience... how long have been into this teaching? you can reach me by mail or call this number 206-984-0840....
Kindly get back to me right way am waiting to read from you soon
Have nice day
So, now I'm just going to start replying (through a fake email, of course) that it would be best for them to call me, then I'll give them a random phone number to a delivery fast food place. Such as this one, (907) 373-6600, which is for a Pizza Hut located in Alaska! What will this accomplish? Nothing! But I can't help at laugh at the idea of this guy calling the number and being asked if he wants a meat lover's or a veggie lover's.

Yes! Haha!
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