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Daniel Olmstead
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It's about politics, but I think it applies to any topic in which people invest in certain lines of thinking. People just don't like their beliefs challenged.

How do ordinary citizens react to new policy-relevant findings that they learn about from media mentions or word of mouth? We conducted an experiment embedded in a random-digit-dial (RDD) telephone survey of 1,050 California adults. Respondents heard a description of a hypothetical study on one of four politicized topics or a politically neutral topic (nutrition) and were asked to describe their reactions to the study's main finding. As in prior research, citizens were more skeptical when the findings contradicted their prior beliefs about the topic. But, we also found effects of partisanship and ideology even after controlling for specific issue attitudes. Citizens, especially those holding conservative beliefs, tended to attribute studies with liberal findings to the liberalism of the researcher, but citizens were less likely to attribute conservative findings to the conservatism of the researcher.
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Kevin Perry
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Originally Posted by Patrick Yeung View Post
People at work thought I was crazy when I was passing up all this free catered food from drug reps at work. When I told them I was fasting and was not eating throughout the day, they thought I was even crazier. After trying to explain this to all the medical experts, they still were not sure.

Then, they put out an article by our hospital, as well as a few other stories in the LAT and NYT (which were out maybe.... 2 weeks ago?) on IFing, and the benefits. They still havent changed their minds though...

Why are people so scared of change?
People are naturally afraid of what they don't understand and will usually always be afraid of the truth or some other theory or idea that challenges their beliefs.
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