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Brian Lawyer
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Default D. Coaching Vid - "Clean Deadlift"?? you tell me

Deadlift video links are WFS and down at the bottom of this thread. I am not exactly sure what constitutes a "Clean Deadlift". But as you will see in the below video I am attempting to setup in the same pulling position I would perform a clean from and I am wearing my weightlifting shoes with raised heels. If I was going for pure Strength I probably would have opted for no shoes and have put my hips in a higher pulling position to begin with.

I have been beating myself up lately over the fact that I think I should be able to deadlift a lot more weight. Most people can usually deadlift more than they can squat but I am about 30 - 40 lbs less than my squats. Part of this deficiency may be due to the Starting Strength workouts I have been doing. For those not familiar with a SS routine I outlined my workout below. As you will see deadlifts come at the very end and I am pretty well gassed at that point.

This deadlift video is the end of the workout which was started on my prior D. Coaching Squat thread, found here http://www.cathletics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3875. The workout went like this.

2 sets 5 x 360lbs
1 set 5 x 315lbs, HBBS style. See other thread for details

Bench Press (purely to humor my bodybuilding friend and also because the cieling was too low for overhead press)
3 sets 5 x 235lbs bench

1 rep without straps at 335lbs
Then I decided to use straps and here are my other 4 reps with straps
CA Training Log
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