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Brian Lawyer
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Default D. Coaching Vid - Snatch Deadlifts (semi halting)

During one of my workouts this week I did 225lbs x 2 x 4 of Snatch deadlifts. Below is video of two of these sets. I call them semi halting because I was trying to be very deliberate about hitting the mid-hang snatch position on my way up and down. The other things I was really trying to practice was keeping my torso more upright and my knees flared out through the entire first pull. I probably should have just done halting snatch deadlifts to really practice all these points but I went ahead and just finished out the final hip extension.

I believe this is set 1

I think this is set 2. After I watched the first set on video I was really trying to keep my torso more upright. It's hard to tell much of a difference but I think I did a little better on this set of keeping torso more upright and knees flared.

Side note I was using straps. This was more of a technical practice and I didn't want to be distracted by grip. Also, 225lbs is roughly 109% of my Snatch PR.
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