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Yael Grauer
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Originally Posted by Gittit Shwartz View Post
Thanks all for your responses. Yes, come to think of it, the things that made a difference in my posture (anterior tilt) were
- Feldenkrais
- Hamstring & gastrocnemius stretching
- Actively changing foot placement
- Just plain awareness.
Mine isn't entirely fixed yet, but my collarbones were at a 45 degree angle, and now are at about a 15 degree angle. And the specific problems I was having needed individualized exercises--the stretches and exercises I got from well-meaning folk were exacerbating the problem because my body was compensating for imbalances and doing things wrong... Sometimes it does take a trained professional. My PRI guy is worth his weight in gold IMO. Though he does find me a bit odd for going to him since I'm not in excruciating pain like the rest of his clients...
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