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Matt Horvath
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I saw the orthopedist today. Pretty worthless, he told me it was pretty much just inflammation leading to impingement at the AC joint and had nothing else to add. He offered more cortisone and suggested surgery if things don't improve. I declined both.

I'm going to deload and ibuprofen for 10 days, about half of that doing nothing, then start squatting again, do some shoulder rehab, and maybe some longer c2 rows, while avoid anything that aggravates it in the slightest. I'll get some hands on some traumeel and do the contrast hydrotherapy.

Ben you mentioned my traps, and it got me thinking that my upper traps might overpower my lower ones, and I will do some rehab work in that regard as well.

Thats all i got. I appreciate everybody's input.
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Ben Fury
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Originally Posted by Matt Horvath View Post
I'll try and decipher your stretching recommendations and give it a shot.
Thanks for the help.
You're most welcome. Thanks for all the background. That helps.

If you want to invest $35 in a copy of Aaron Mattes' Active Isolated Stretching, that would make walking you through the AIS ROM work a lot simpler.

Glad you passed on the cortisone injection. Breaking down scar tissue so new even more random scar tissue can form is two steps forward, ten steps back.

Hang in there and keep me informed of how your shoulder work progresses. How were you thinking about adjusting your upper vs lower trap imbalance?
Be well,
Ben Fury, CFT, CMT

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Matt Horvath
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Last time I hurt my shoulder I did a half assed diesel crew shoulder rehab protocol. Its on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0ONHZmsFec. I'll probably do what I can of that w/ the equipment I have or try to come up w/ substitutes.

Some of the other elements I've been thinking of are:

Y,T,W,L's. I already do a bunch of scap wall slides at work throughout the day w/ some neck and trap stretching. Paying closer attention to my posture is going to be important because I sit at a desk all day.

Higher rep OH squat workouts which I did today. More metcon-ish/endurance work than strength training, but it got some blood moving through my upper back and shoulders. It made things feel a little better w/o aggravating anything.

KB snatches I haven't done for awhile, but I usually pop the kb up at the top to get it back down into my fingers, which might help a little too and I can get some endurance work in.

Pushups plus and maybe some scap pull ups. I have noticed my shoulder pain is less when I try to depress my scapulae when doing OH anything and in the rack position.

Any input would be good, because I haven't really though too much of this out, nor do I really know what I am doing. I think the biggest part is going to be rest and ice.
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