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Thats pretty amazing. I have a pretty good sized pit, 101 lbs last time we were at the vet, and real solid and strong as a bull. Im a 300lb guy and stronger than average, and Ill tell you, i do wrestle with Mack sometimes, but just from that experience, id NEVER want to tangle with him if he were mad. NEVER.

Ill say this, I think if it were he and me in a cage and we were both in a killing rage, I think I could take him, but I know id take serious damage in doing so. A big pit is just so strong, fast, athletic, etc, I just dont see how you are not going to get ripped up a little if they are really after you... of course same goes for a German shephard, rott, etc. A big dog is a scary thing if they are really after you.

that kid is brave, but also lucky, IMO.

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