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Gavin Harrison
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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
Your weight is subject to change based on stimuli, I think its a little unjust to put a label on people based on what they are at now. If he was 130 then definitely, but 157-160? Damn I'm trying to get to 165, and do a planche. I wouldn't call someone who can do a planche not strong...hell look at Steven Low. He's around 130 and very strong, but for his bodyweight!
Hey, I'm not knocking body weight strength, or that everyone's goal should be to get big and strong, or even strong at all (though strength is way cooler than endurance :P ). However, someone eating 8+pieces of bacon+other breakfast meats for breakfast, and 3 burgers / chicken breast for lunch doesn't seem to have the "I want to be skinny and have an awesome strength to body weight ratio" thing going on in their head.

I'm 6' and 170ish. I'm really underweight for good barbell strength, my brother is 6'2" and 230ish, he's not. So, someone an inch shorter than me, 10 pounds lighter trying to get barbell strong should probably shoot for somewhere at least slightly heavier than me, say 180 to 200 lbs, perhaps more (louie simmons may say you need to be in the 242-275 range)... and we all know how hard putting on 20-40 lbs of muscle can be

Rippetoe is also 5' 8", like Steve Low, but is 215 lbs, not terribly fat. Rip's the same height as Steve Low, but there's about a 80 lbs difference in weight. Different weights for different goals.

Sorry for the rant-ish.
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