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Greg Davis
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Default Deadlift foot stance

Myth: A "comfortable" deadlift setup is best.

Chances are, with a few weeks of focused training, you could improve your deadlift PR by a whopping 30 to 50 pounds. How? By changing your stance, which is often the limiting factor for novice and intermediate lifters.

A shoulder-width stance is too wide for most people, yet it's where many settle. If your knees are buckling in even slightly on your near-max lifts, that's a sign that you need to narrow your stance.

Hip-width is ideal for most lifters, as it allows you to get your hips lower, keep your chest up, and maintain a better arch in your lower back. It may feel awkward at first, but it'll improve your leverage, an extremely important factor in moving heavy weight.
This has made me consider my foot stance for DLs. I'm assuming that someone on the longer leg/limb spectrum would benefit from closer feet and that a stockier guy (shorter legs/limbs) would benefit more from wider/sumo. Have I got the correlation in the right direction? Or is it even possible to draw that generalization?
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