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Matthieu Hertilus
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Default Problems with my Back Squat II

I posted before that my hip flexors hurt whenever I do back squats (and Overhead squats too) and was told to strengthen my hip flexors (thanks again Garrett Smith), but I was wondering if that means I have to completely lay off back squats until I have enough strength in my hip flexors or is there some prehab work I can do right before or between sets of squats. I onl ask because a lot of the WODs call for squatting and Id really love to keep doing them.

One more question that I thought Id fit in instead of adding another thread: is there a specific type of technique with Overhead squats and snatches where your shoulders feel more stable. I feel like I'm pulling them apart everytime I do these exercises.

Thanks for the input and advice. Sorry for the tricky double post
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