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Liam Dougherty Springer
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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
depends on the sport....like all things above....what is the effort level, how long are the periods of exertion, etc. A pole vaulter and NFL running back would not be the same. For professional sports involving explosion over 30sec and < 2-3 min (glycolitic), they need glycogen....which needs to be already in the muscles. Now extend that over 2-3 hours like a hockey game and you bet your ass they will probably need some gatorade....but that's just during the game.
come on Mike I know you got some gold.... I am trying to find the study you posted a link to by a University in Texas about working out fasted

a post from Steven Low (I believe) a while back regarding the Metabolism's compromised ability to utilize glycogen and fat in the presence of insulin

Also something regarding the benefits as far as protein sparing and glycogen restoration efficiency due to insulin sensitivity. That would really solidify the argument for a diet different for training and game day for one. As you stated drink Gatorade when the player is exerting himself during the game as he sits on the bench during the longer (I know they are still short as far as digestion goes) breaks between plays for that particular player. Not all day every day.

No body is trying to insult anyone or hurt egos it just a want for information an a specific subject.
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