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Matthieu Hertilus
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Default Feeding Window

Hey Everyone, Im new to IF and I'm slightly confused on this aspect: should one stick to eating only in the feeding window or simply eat whenever you're hungry? Also, while total calorie consumption isn't necessarily a huge concern, should one worry about the amount of protein taken daily? I'm on the CA strength cycle and I've heard that I should look to take in a good amount of protein (roughly 1g/ bodyweight) but I wonder if thats necessary? Im 5'6, 170lbs and roughly 12% bodyfat which I'd like to get under 10. I stick to paleo foods (except peanut butter which I love, and bcaa/creatine supplementation).

So basically I'm asking:
- Is it better to eat in a specific feeding window or can I just eat whenever I'mhungry (provided their clean paleo food which they always are)?
-If it's better to stick to a feeding window, should I try to aim for a certain amount of meals, calories, or protein in this window?
-How long should these feeding windows last?
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