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Chris Forbis
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Default Paleo alcohol?

5 gallon glass carboy
Bottling Bucket
Siphon w/ tube
59 bottles + caps
Bottle capper

5.5 gallons pasteurized apple juice (no preservative additives)
1 packet dry yeast (I use Nottingham Ale yeast, you can try champagne yeast)

1. Sanitize carboy, funnel, and airlock. (Soak in 1 tbsp of bleach per gallon of water, followed by a rinsing with clean water.)
2. Dump yeast through funnel into carboy.
3. Pour in 5 gallons of juice.
4. Cap with airlock (I fill mine half full with vodka).
5. Wait 3 weeks.
6. Sanitize bucket, siphon & tube, bottles & caps. (I like to run my bottles through the dishwasher to sanitize.) Rinse bleached stuff after.
7. Pour last 1/2 gallon of juice into bucket.
8. Siphon 5 gallons from carboy into bucket.
9. Bottle and cap.
10. Wait two to three weeks.
11. Enjoy your sparkling, hard apple cider.


Seriously, I enjoy a good batch of homebrew beer as much as the next guy, but you have to respect a batch that avoids gluten and is ridiculously easy to make (damn cheap too!)
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