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Torsten Hauptmann
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Default Should i switch fully to WL/how fast do i loose endurance?

it would be nice if the thread would be shifted to the GPP forum if it is more appropriate there.

really great things happend to me:
1. l found a weightlifting club.
2. The althletic performance of the trainer is impressive. He did not tell me his age but said that he is going to approach 70 so he is older than 65. And he said that due to riding daily one hour bicycle his performance went down. and he is definitly lighter than 70 Kg probably 65kg but he could Dl 160Kgs for reps!
3. The trainer has a stunning history: he worked with not one but two Olympic champions:
Joachim Kunz (67,5 Kg class) won 1988 in Seoul and he did several WRs e.g.: 1982 Snatch 152,5 kg. 1988 C&J: 198,0 kg
Karl-Heinz Radschinksy (75 Kg class) got the gold medal in Los Angeles 1984.
4. He said i am talented and have a good potential to became a good lifter.

which is not so good:
5. he wanted me to train 4 times a week and CUT OFF ALL OTHER TRAINING I DO!! and he said that endurance goes down very very quickly. but off course he did not know someone doing CF training.

so besids my story here is my question:
as i am too old to became (if it would have been ever possible) a professional weightlifter i do this primary for fun and to develop my potential in this area. I am now not sure if i should only do what he suggests to me in order to get the best improvement in that time. or do i loose a significant amout of endurance in one two weeks or in a month? I want to know where i would go when focusing on WL for some times. or do you think that a litte CF would not have big effects on my WL training? But again the coach said i should do nothing expect WL.

what do you think?


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