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Timothy Scalise
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Default lack of motivation...

... do yall ever just have no motivation or ambition to make it to training? You want to cause you love it, but I just cant seem to get the weights to pop. Im sluggish sometimes worn out. It doesnt happen often, but it does happen sometimes like today. I dont feel like im overtraining or anything, Im not sore, the workouts this week didnt really feel that hard, I never left the gym feeling crappy but always exilerated (sp? dont judge me :P ). Is it due to just having a crappy day? am I over-training and just dont realise it? im thinking that instead of doing 6 days a week of training Im going to do 5 days for a while, I know that there is a strength cycle for the WOD part of the performance menu, maybe that will be a good change of pace? anyone got anything to say or add or what not? im 12 weeks out of a meet, well 11 now as this week is just about over, I want to get the best training possible to get my total up, but I dont want to set myself back either. Sorry for the rambling that I just did, if you got some good insite I would love to hear it.
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