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David Boyle
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Default Semper Fi Conditioning

My name is David Boyle, I'm a SSgt in the USMC.

I started w/ Kettlebells in 2007 doing the RKC method and then added CrossFit around 2008.

As of now I've been crossfit and on my off days practicing my KB lifts. I also got into Parkour back in October. However nothing to the level of the guys you see on youtube. I do it as a means to increase my overall military training and gpp.

Old training log on americanparkour.com

Here are my latest stats/accomplishments and future goals:

Height - 70
Weight - 182
Dead-lift - 425lb (090224) - Goal 500
Mil Press - 185lb (090325) - Goal 205
Cindy - 20 rds - Goal...more rounds!
Fran - 5:44 - Goal 5:00-4:45
Linda - 25:29 w/ bw 185 and pwr clns

Here are my last 3 workouts from my other training log. I don't want to copy and paste 3 months worth!


275lb dead-lift x 5
10 burpees
5:59....2:11 better than last time


30 squat clean & jerks @ 135lbs (85-90% intensity)

Afterwards pressed 88lb over-head for the heck of it


All sets done w/ 24kg Kettlebell (53lb)

Clean & Front Squat x 20 (10L/10R)
Swings x 30
Clean & Front Squat x 20 (10L/10R)
Clean & Military Press x 20 (10L/10R)
Clean & Front Squat x 20 (10L/10R)
Turkish Get ups x 10 (5L/5R)
Clean & Front Squat x 20 (10L/10R)
Snatch x 40 (20L/20R)
Clean & Front Squat x 20 (10L/10R)

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